I play on the coolest basketball team. I love the guys and they don’t mind that I am a woman. They say that they didn’t even have to get used to it. It seemed natural from the start. They admired my talent, the kind of skill that allows a woman to participate on an all-male team. It is a rarity they exclaim and they are super proud of me. We are friends and socialize given their positive attitude. I invite them over, with or with wives and girlfriends. I have a small place and yet it tends to often be a mess. I had to get ready fast for one recent evening of wine, cheese, and music.

It would have been a little better to start ahead as I had a lot to do to spiff up the place. Not that the guys would notice, but I care that I present a clean image. I don’t want to be labelled a slob. My housecleaning turned out to be extensive and I ran around like crazy making sure the vacuum took care of the floor and area rugs. I hoped it would not conk out since it only cost about one hundred dollars. I found it here and it has gotten a lot of usage over the years. I also use attachments with it to take care of crumbs and dust on the sofa and a small brush to go over the blinds. After a good two hours, the house looked wonderful. I set about putting out candles, bowls of nuts and candy, and a bucket of ice for the drinks. I may not be the cleanest person around, but I know how to cover my tracks in a jiffy. There was not a speck of dust on an end table or armoire.

The party was casual, simple, and successful. You don’t have to fuss and bother to please basketball players. They like basic food and beer. They were all happily ensconced on the sofa and chairs, one or two on the floor and no one uttered a comment about the cleanliness of the house. If they remarked that it was so clean, it might mean that it wasn’t always. They were too polite to go that route. And it was clean thanks to the vacuum. It held up well and will live to see another day. I plan to entertain again as it is a lot of fun. We are always in good spirits when we are together and it is different than when we are on the court. People bring potluck dishes, items that are special creations. I specialize in dessert. I like to bake when I get any free time, which is not often. I don’t get too fancy, but love to make cupcakes and cookies and small things like home-made chocolates and nut balls.

The only problem with a party is that food gets on the coffee table and the floors. The kitchen is full of dishes and glasses. Now it is time to get out the vacuum once again. I wait for the morning.