I am an athlete and allergies really curb my style. I can’t play basketball, the sport I love, when I am not my best. I need to have maximum energy to help my team prevail. I want to be there with all my skills intact. Every ball player wants to be a valuable and reliable member. We know that it is a group effort and you don’t get to go solo all the time. You work on strategies that several can execute and it makes for ultimate success and a high winning score. I therefore do everything I can to combat my pervasive allergies that appear several times of the year when the weather changes.

I hate being the victim of nature but I have no choice. I start to dry up and get sinus headaches. Other times I can sneeze for hours and have itchy, red, and watery eyes. It is not a pretty picture. I have tried all the over-the-counter preparations and pills in the drugstore. I have consulted the pharmacist and read dozens of articles online. I was getting frantic after I missed a few games. I was actually bedridden over allergies which is unheard of. You have to feel weak and tired to resort to missing the normal activities in your life.

I was about to give up and was constantly complaining when a friend came to the rescue. One day when I was stuck in bed watching old movies, she came over with a small electrical device that she told me was one of these HEPA air purifiers. It was a little miracle. She plugged it in and I could feel it go into operation in cleaning the antigens and pollutants out of the air. I had closed the windows, even though I like fresh air, to ensure that no more toxins entered my premises. With the air purifier installed, I started to feel better in an hour. It was wonderful. I could breathe through my nose which hadn’t happened for some time. I had a sore throat from sleeping with my mouth open. Help was at hand. I now know that I had missed an obvious allergy solution. I know that many of you blog readers know what I am talking about and have suffered in silence for years. I am glad that I was not so silent such that I prompted a friend to take action to help me out.

An air purifier is a simple appliance that anyone can use. There are no cons, only pros. Even if you don’t have severe allergies, an air purifier can clean your environment and help you feel better. Who doesn’t want that? We often forget what is in the air. Think of those windy days that blow pollutants around and wreak havoc with your respiratory system. I found the answer with someone’s help, so I am dedicating this blog to helping you. It is easy to go on line and visit the many sites that offer quality, well-priced air purifiers. You can order and get one in a few days. Relief is coming!