Athletes are tough. This is the public image overall. They are larger and taller than normal people and seem like giants to some. This is particularly true in the basketball arena. Players push themselves to the max and must be strong to the core. They work out, eat well, sleep a lot, and do everything possible to stay healthy and alert. They should have good immune systems so they don’t fall ill often and miss games. It is a point of pride on my team to have a perfect record of attendance. That includes practice. I am proud to be one of those who never fails to show up on time. I go on trips to other locations and, in general, toe the line. I am cooperative and a kindred spirit. I would say that I am not the least popular player on the team.

Okay, I have established the fact that we are a healthy, hardy bunch. Why did so many balk about playing one night when there was no heat for the court we choose. Our usual location was occupied and we had easy access to another. Several people, however, complained that they get cold. I am the one woman so I could have been the one who couldn’t tolerate a lack of heat. Not so. It was a bunch of sissies in my opinion. Since when did these fine athletes get so sensitive. We have played many times outside in the winter with no ill effects. So, either we find a solution or we forego practice. No one wants to do that. Finally, the coach came to the rescue after admonishing us about being weak. He brought some space heaters that you’d normally use in a garage to the gym we selected so we could get some court time. Ingenious!

These heaters were rather large, not the small portable ones you find in homes or offices. He dispersed them as needed and plugged them in. He made sure that no one would trip over the cords. He was vigilant about a fire hazard and checked with the local fire department who approved of his method of heating a cold space for a couple of hours. Once he turned them on, it didn’t take long for the space to thaw out. It wasn’t cold anymore, nor was it too hot. We could play easily without sweating. We were grateful that he didn’t allow a few pansy players to spoil our practice night. We enjoyed the game and vowed to come back the next night for another practice session.

Most gyms have central air and heat so space heaters are needed. After all, they are bulky and you have to lug them around. As you might expect, the coach has a hatch back van. The players volunteered to carry them in from the vehicle to the gym so it happened very fast. It was efficient, effective, and easy. I noticed how well these heaters function and thought of getting a small one for my home office which is freezing in the winter. That night we killed two birds with one stone.