Hurray for Team Vancouver. My team is tops. I love being involved in the exciting competitive world of basketball. It brings me great joy and is my primary way of working out and keeping fit. Women are few and far between on basketball teams and I take pride in my status. It can be a respected position if you are any good because you are a rarity. I participate in any extracurricular activities that I can. One day, a few players and I decided to do a fun run and make our own t-shirts. We would make enough for ourselves and also the team’s fans. The shirts would have a large stencil in front that read “Go Team Vancouver.” With a handy paint spray gun for home use, we could emblazon each tee with this message.

I love to do things off the court with fellow players who have actually become friends. This was a project of love and we also thought we might sell them at games to raise funds for the team when we must go on the road. All of a sudden, it became a much bigger effort than first intended. It was going to be successful and great fun. We just needed to decide on the style of shirts and how many in different sizes. It might be best, we thought, to go with all large and extra-large. We then had to acquire two or three spray paint guns and the color we desired. How about different colors, I suggested. Of course, we didn’t want boring black. We would go with the team colors and make about half in each hue.

The day we selected to do the shirts was wonderful and it was hard to stay inside. We then took the project outdoors which would help with any toxic smell from the paint. It really was safe and didn’t contain any odd chemicals so kids could wear the shirts. We set up old tables and covered them with newspaper. We stacked the shirts at one end folded neatly so they didn’t take up much space. The paint guns were in the center, one for each color. We could use one at a time and then reload. It was an easy and fun DIY job. I have only used spray paint guns for paintball games. What a mess! This time we didn’t need to wear overalls and protect our clothing from errant globs of paint. We controlled the project and made sure it would make for an easy clean up.

The shirts turned out to be great and looked professionally done. We couldn’t wait to wear them off court and to see if there was a market for them at our games. Yes, there was. We sold out the very first time they were offered. We raised money for our next field trip. We also had funds for more supplies should we want to repeat our efforts and try to sell them again.